Watch me build a house on the coast of Ecuador

Okay, so you may wonder has Dave dropped off the planet, or fell into the ocean? No..I am still here live and well. What happened, you might wonder? Well the fact is my wife and I have been extremely busy. So much for relaxing in Paradise! Its all good though, I am sorry for that!

My wife and I have started building our rental home at Mirador San Jose, Ecuador! Watch me build a house on the coast of Ecuador!

All of my readers are in for a treat as you get to participate and witness first hand what it takes to build a house in Ecuador. You will see for yourself the process and step by step construction from start to finish.
I am going to post the process with an explanation, pictures and video. I know other websites that would charge you money for this, but I am going to put it on my Retiring in Ecuador Blog at no charge to you! The only thing that I am not going to show on my blog is the price for the material, labour and furnishings. Those details will be on my
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You simply can’t miss this folks! Hold on to your pants, when the price starts rolling out on my Newsletter its going to be an eye opener!

So here we go.. We started construction on April 1, 2013. For this entry I will show you a video and a picture of what we can call  “shovel in the dirt!”
Shovel in the dirt!
The man standing with the pole object measures the depth with a
 laser  to ensure proper and consistent depth.
I know I said I would only disclose prices of the construction in my FREE RETIRING IN ECUADOR NEWSLETTER, which is true, but here is one for ya, this time only, so don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter after you finish reading my post!
The cost to excavate and remove the dirt was a total of $80.00 USD to a depth of 1 meter and approximately 9 meters wide x 9 meters length. The loader and operator charge $40 per hour, and it took him exactly 2 hours to complete the excavation. (Excellent operator by the way!)

See the video of the loader in action!

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  1. Thanks for this post, Dave. I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to reading it. Mirador San Jose will be a great community.

  2. You are welcome. Enjoy the upcoming series of posts that will keep everyone informed. I agree Mirador San Jose is going to be spectacular.

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