Tourism In Puerto Lopez

Ecuador’s Ministry of Tourism has announced in a local newspaper that they will be promoting tourism improvement initiatives, and hold workshops to improve environmental conditions around Puerto Lopez. Tourism in Puerto Lopez is very important as it is a hub for whale watching tours and the gateway to Isla de la Plata and Machalilla National Park.

The representatives of the Ministry of Tourism aim to position Puerto Lopez as a major tourist destination in Ecuador’s Manabi province.  Announced as the Pilot Center Territorial Comprehensive Intervention Plan or PITI the ministry will use the area as a pilot project to start cleaning up the area and beaches that surround the canton.  Also included in this plan is to establish better security, cleanliness and better tourism services.

The painting of murals on buildings, cooperation with restaurants, hotels, guides and information booths are all some of the areas that are included in the PITI plan put out by the ministry.  Tourism in Puerto Lopez will continue to play a major part in the local economy and the ministry is ensuring that the viability of smaller communities along Ecuador’s coast continue to thrive in today’s competitive economy.

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