SuperMaxi is one of the larger supermarkets you will see while you are in Ecuador. This is a wonderful store that has much to offer for the wary bound traveller. It is very comparible to a supermarket chain in the United States with similar prices as well. SuperMaxi can be found in larger cities in Ecuador. Some things are cheaper, but in general many of the food items are packaged and imported from other countries, hence the higher price. These foods cost the same or higher than they would in the United States. I can’t say how the cost compares to other countries.

Part of living in Ecuador means learning to eat like an Ecuadorian. The average Ecuadorian does not shop at Supermaxi as a rule and rarely if ever buys expensive imported prepared products. A good rule is to ask one of the women in the family what the going rate is for each and every item you want to purchase. Many local people would be happy to tell you what you should be paying. When you approach one of the vendors you ask “Como son los manzanas?” (How much are the apples?) already knowing fully well what the answer should be. If you want to live cheaply then it is absolutely necessary to shop where the locals go and buy your food at the local markets and vendors. It is nice however to have the modern supermarkets for the luxury, and treat items. So, if you happen to be longing for that certain food item from “home” chances are SuperMaxi has it in their store.

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