Shipping a car to Ecuador

Ok folks, so after living here in Ecuador for nearly 4 years, I have heard this question asked many times by expats living in Ecuador, and for those who are about to begin their journey here.
My guest blogger Jason Mueller has some light to shed on this topic. With the importation laws changing frequently here, you really need to leave it to the experts to keep you informed on what is needed to ship a vehicle here.

Hire an International Auto Hauling Company to Ship Your Vehicle to Ecuador
The safest and most efficient way to get your vehicle delivered to Ecuador is to hire a professional auto transport company. They offer secure shipping options for lower prices than you would expect. If you plan on retiring to the magnificent country of Ecuadorand want to explore the lovely landscape in the comfort of your own car, call an international auto hauler to learn about your shipping options.
Scheduling a Ship Date with a Professional Auto Hauling Company
Scheduling a ship date with an auto hauling company that ships to Ecuador is an easy process. Even though setting up a ship date with a company such as A-1 Auto Transport Inc only takes fifteen minutes, do not forget to conduct sufficient research before hiring someone for the job. Find out if the company you have an interest in is reputable by looking at their website and reading reviews written by previous clients.
Another tip to finding the right company is collecting quotes from multiple companies. Test the knowledge of the agent you speak with over the phone by writing down your questions prior to the call. If the person you speak with does not seem well informed about how shipping automobiles overseas works or the information they provide does not correspond with the info you gathered during research, move on to another more reputable company.
Leaders in the industry offer free quotes and full-coverage for all the cargo they carry. They will also be able to answer any questions you might have about international auto transport. The most successful companies make international transport an affordable reality for everyone, offer free quotes and can schedule a ship date to Ecuador in fifteen minutes.
Prepare the Right Documentation
To make sure you get your vehicle released from customs possession and on the road as quickly as possible, do not forget to bring all the necessary paperwork. Without all your essential documents, your vehicle could remain in customs possession for days or weeks. This is another reason why you must do sufficient research before hiring just anyone to ship your vehicle to Ecuador.
A well-established auto hauling company has no restrictions as to where they can ship a vehicle nor do they have restrictions as to what kind of vehicles they can ship. If you encounter a delay while trying to get your vehicle released from customs, a reliable international auto hauler will be able to get your car back into your possession rather quickly.
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Driver’s License
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Temporary Ecuador Insurance
Senior Citizens Are Entitled to Deals
International auto transport companies offer lower rates for shippers who qualify. If you are a senior citizen retiring in Ecuador, you should qualify for a senior discount. You might also be entitled to a deal if you are a student, in the military or even a first time shipper.
Types of Shipping Used to Transport Vehicles Overseas
  • Container Transport- This method of shipping is the most secure way to ship a vehicle between nations. It is the most expensive shipping option, but your vehicle will be protected from the elements while it is in transit. Your vehicle will be secured in a container and hoisted onto the deck of the ship by a crane. If you ship your car in a container, you are also permitted to transport other personal possessions with the vehicle.
  • Roll-on Roll-off Service– This shipping solution is the most popular way to transport a vehicle overseas. This is typically how manufacturers transport vehicles from Europe to the U.S. RO/RO is also the least expensive way to transport a vehicle. Professional auto haulers recommend shippers who select this option take pictures of their vehicle before the ship date.
Bring your car with you to Ecuador, and ensure that you will have your wheels with you to enjoy everything that the great country has to offer!

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