Security and Airport Procedures in Ecuador

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Security and Airport Procedures in Ecuador
Ecuador is a beautiful country with some of the best coastal area for living in the world. Many expats have chosen Ecuador as the premiere place to retirebecause of the great advantages the country has for everyday living. The cost of livingin many areas is relatively low in comparison to many states in the U.S. while other areas are pretty comparable to what you may be used to paying currently. This helps to make the transition to a new Ecuador home easy to do. Another great advantage is local entertainment and things to do and no matter if you like lively entertainment or quiet evenings with friends or family, Ecuador has something for everyone. If you are planning to fly in or out of Ecuador anytime soon, there are a few restrictions that you may want to be aware of as well as things you may be interested to know about luggage and security procedures to expect at the airport. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind that can help ensure safety for you and your luggage when you reach the airport in Ecuador.
Keep Your ID Safe, But Ready to Show
You will want to keep your passport and other legal identification placed in a safe location where you can easily access it to show personnel when they need to see your ticket or boarding pass or when you must go through a security gate on your way into the airport or on your way to board your flight.
Never Accept Packages or Hold Items
No matter what happens and no matter how “nice” a person you meet at the airport may seem, never, under any circumstances, should you ever agree to take anything on a flight with you or hold something for another passenger before or during a flight. People seek out unsuspecting people to hold items such as drugs for them, and these people may seem like great people when they approach you or it may seem like something harmless to do, but this is something that can cause you a great deal of trouble. Never worry about telling someone no, and this includes people that you may already know.
Check Your Luggage
Before you bring your luggage to the airport, be sure to check everything inside to make sure all contents are safe as well as legally allowed in the airport and on the plane. You should never have anything packed that could be perceived as a weapon. This includes nail scissors, pocket knives, razor blades or even disposable razors and other items that are dangerous, or could be dangerous to others. You should also never have aerosols or liquids packed inside of luggage that will be carried on the plane. If at any time a member of security should ask to see inside of your luggage when you are inside the airport, be sure to allow them to check without interfering.
When it comes to luggage, you may want to purchase brightly colored luggage or line your luggage with bright colored tape that can be easily seen. While having a neon green bag or having a suitcase covered in bright pink tape may seem tacky, it is a great way to deter thieves from snatching your luggage from the carousel when it arrives in the airport lobby. Thieves will often be on the lookout for nice luggage, black bags and other luggage that blends easily with everyone else’s. Having a bag that stands out is something that a thief may be deterred from taking as it would be easily seen, even from a distance. All luggage should also be tagged with your name and it is also a good idea to include an identifying tag inside the luggage as well. Theft of baggage is something that is of great concern not only in the Ecuador airport, but in practically every airport worldwide.
Security in the Airport
Security is a high prerogative to airport staff in Ecuador and over the last decade vast improvements have been made to increase armed and unarmed security personnelas well as security cameras in all main areas of the airport, baggage departments and other public access areas. Safety is paramount to having to professional security staff on hand to handle issues when they arise for passengers to feel secure when boarding or exiting a plane.
Bringing Personal Items into Ecuador
Whether you are moving to Ecuador or will just be visiting for a short time, you will be allowed to bring certain items into the country when you fly in that can be taken through customs without having to pay duties or taxes on them. Some of the items you may be allowed to bring with you on the plane, and without being charged taxes or fees, include some of the following.
  • Small and Handheld Electronics
One new and one used electronics device per person is allowed at no extra charge. This includes a tablet, laptop, cell phone, camera, gaming console or other electronics devices. Other devices brought in will be required to be taxed and will need to be paid.
  • Larger Electronics
Television Sets up to 21 inches, desktop computers, computer monitors up to 22 inches and printers are allowed but only one item may be brought in without paying taxes and duties. You may bring others but they will be taxed.
  • Alcohol
Up to 3 liters per person.
  • Tobacco Products
Up to 25 cigars or one pound of tobacco.
  • Medication
You may bring your personal prescriptions with you but medications such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen will need to have a prescription to buy once you are in the country.
  • Pets
Many people bring their pets and this is allowed but you will need to show proof that the pet has had all shots and there is a chance that it will be quarantined for up to 30 days upon arrival. You can bring up to two pets to Ecuador.
If you have items that will not be considered for personal use and can be used as a business item, you may be required to pay an import tax upon arrival. To be on the safe side, it is best to bring the receipt for the items you bring with you as tax is based on the value of the item and there are times when customs may access a value that is more than the actual cost of an item. A receipt will allow customs to see the cost and to possibly access a lower import tax than what would be accessed with no receipt.
Before you head to the airport when flying out of Ecuador, or when you arrive to the airport to begin your stay, be sure that you have plenty of time for security issues including the time it may take to go through the security checkpoints, customs and all other areas of the airport. Following all regulations for baggage as well as required documentation including passports and identification will help ease the transition through the airport and will allow you to be on your way as quickly as possible.

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