Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita, Ecuador

Recently I was doing some research on Santa Marianita, Ecuador and came across a new condominium development that is about to take place at this sleepy little fishing village in Manabi province on the coast of Ecuador. Santa Marianita is only 15 minutes from Manta. What caught my attention is the new 14 unit condo development that will be owned and managed by a Canadian company. Lately Santa Marianita seems to be getting more attention due to its close proximity to Manta. Santa Marianita is a perfect place to escape the city of Manta for the day where you can enjoy unspoiled and quiet beaches that is often a nice treat from Manta’s busy public beaches.

Santa Marianita, Ecuador is known in the area for its incredible kite surfing.

You can enjoy a good selection of eager kite shops in Santa Marianita that are there to give you lessons at reasonable prices. The owners of the shops are friendly and helpful. You can visit some of the websites for here:

These kite schools along with a couple of others are IKO certified, which means their is qualified instructors certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization. Santa Marianita is an ideal destination for experienced and novices to try their hand at the popular sport. Santa Marianita has a beautiful 300 meter wide beach and 4 km of long sandy flat beach giving plenty of room for practicing. The ocean at Santa Marianita is warm all year round, making water sports here very enjoyable. If you wish, between June and August you can kite with the migrating humpback whales coming from the south for added excitement.

Santa Marianita is also known as “Playa Bonita” to the locals which you will here being used very often.

If you are looking for good surfing, kite surfing, fishing or just hanging out at the beach with good food and fun, Santa Marianita is worth stopping and visiting.

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