Retire in Ecuador

You really can Retire in Ecuador and live in a tropical paradise for less than $ 900 per month. When you decide to make your move to Retire in Ecuador you have to remember that Ecuador is more economical in many ways compared to where you live now but many things are comparable to American prices as well. So if you are on a pension budget you still need to be careful when you Retire in Ecuador. Think and try to live like the locals and your dollar will go farther for you.

Many people have decided to retire in Ecuador to have the ability to live much richer than you would at home. When you retire in Ecuador you soon realize that here is where you can see the retirement checks go further. Enjoy some of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches anywhere along the coast, lush tropical rainforests and snow-capped mountains of the Andes. Ecuador is the quintessential essence of the budget to retire in paradise.

With an average temperature of 75 degrees, Ecuador has the best of all worlds. It is one of the cheapest places to retire. Here you will find all the amenities you are accustomed to such as; cable, cell phones, medical care, restaurants, nightclubs and supermarkets. Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar as currency, there is no need to worry about fluctuations in the dollar.

The cost of living to retire in Ecuador can be broken down simply as follows:

Your cable bill is around $30 a month depending on selection you choose.

Electricity is around $15 per month, while propane is around $10 a month.

Your weekly grocery bill for two is about $70-100. Stay away from the modern U.S. style supermarkets because they are U.S. price. Shop locally at the small vendors and negotiate.

Bus service is 25c and taxis will be around $3.00

A two bedroom apartment with the Andes as a view is less than $250 per month. Rent in Quito is higher at $400 a month. The coast can be a little more expensive, especially if you have beachfront.

A gourmet meal for two people including desert and a drink will set you back around $20.

Excellent medical care at a private hospital visiting a specialist costs about $30 for every consultation.

Seniors also get huge discounts on airfare, and public admissions. Another good reason to retire in Ecuador! More on this in a later article.

Where you decide to Retire in Ecuador is up to you. Every person likes something different when they think of retirement. Ecuador has so much to offer for the person who decides to retire in Ecuador. There is something for everyone in Ecuador, from the beautiful mountains of the Andes to the warm waters of the coast. You can have it all in this beautiful paradise when you decide to make your move to Retire in Ecuador.

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