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Report on the Puerto Cayo area in Ecuador

Life has gripped me on the coast of Ecuador. Lately it is seemingly more and more difficult to spread the concept of time around. After moving to Ecuador just over 2 years ago now, I am finding it not so easy to relax and take a more “manana” attitude. The very reason for moving to the coast in the first place.

The two main priorities we had was:

  1. Not be so stressed and work less
  2. Escape the cold Canadian winters
Only #2 has been achieved thus far. I am finding that we are still chasing the mighty “green back”as we try and take a glimpse of the spectacular coastline driving to the city. It has become what was awe inspiring and inspirational to what is now everyday scenery.
Flags waving at Mirador San Jose, Ecuador
Don’t get me wrong, Ecuador is still a great place to be and to invest. But for those who are thinking about coming here without a large pension or nest egg, should follow my heed and try very hard not to fall into the trap of work and no play. It is far to easy to assume that you can live so much cheaper here and your dollar will last forever. It will not and in fact things are climbing up and up, particularly real estate. Puerto Cayo – Manta area is boiling and I have not seen any reduction since the first time we came here in 2010. The real estate market is “booming” which inspired me to create another company. Ecuador Beach Property was launched early this year and we have actually stopped taking listings because we have a labor shortage of qualified agents. We don’t want to get overwhelmed because our clients are important to us, and we want to do the best job possible to market properties efficiently.
Taking a drive around Puerto Cayo, Mirador San Jose, and Manta is clearly evident to me that the landscape keeps changing with new residential, condo and large mega gated communities projects in the works. I will be doing a future article with some pictures of Puerto Cayo. The little fishing village intrigues me enough to want to dedicate an article focusing on the heartbeat of the community and not so much the large scale gated suburbs popping up on the outside reaches of the town.
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