Relaxing in Ecuador

If you need a relaxing vacation or want to alter your lifestyle to one that is healthy you can achieve this easily in Ecuador.  Many people choose to retire in Ecuador for this reason alone.

You can enjoy the combined rejuvenating effects of yoga and spa treatments with the energy of the Andes. Discover the region’s famous artisans and explore the wondrous valleys, mountains and crater lakes. Sip the nectars of exotic fruit and relax in the sanctuary of beautiful gardens of historic haciendas. 
Ecuador is home of sacred waterfalls, here you can practice yoga with a local master and bathe in the rejuvenating waters considered sacred by local shamans people in search of health and wellness will find a wealth of spa`s and hidden retreats all throughout Ecuador. Travellers can enjoy tranquility in a beautiful, peaceful, and energetic environment.

Eat nutritious meals and not have to worry about shopping or cooking. Enjoy time in the Jacuzzi, pool, or steam bath of a local spa. Have a massage to smooth away the aches and pains collected from the hectic work environment. Have an aromatherapy session with exotic herbs from the Andes and the Amazon. Walk on natural reflexology paths.

Ecuador is the perfect place to take time to make whatever life transition is needed. Exercise if you wish or take a horseback ride in the countryside. In Ecuador there are many natural hot springs with strong healing and soothing powers due to their mineral content. Many people come to Ecuador to heal their mind, body spirit and emotions.

Self-healing is a process of taking charge for one’s health and well-being, a transformation of daily habits where needed, and many natural life enhancing techniques available in Ecuador´s people way of living. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the mental tranquility that comes from getting in touch with your innermost thoughts and feelings, and will be encouraged to make a conscious decision to live life to its fullest.

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