Reina Del Camino

Recently on the way back to Guayaquil to take our flight back home to Canada we decided to take the bus from Manta to Guayaquil. Many tourists are not aware that a bus company Reina Del Camino offers interprovincial services to many destinations in Ecuador. Reina Del Camino services many cities in Ecuador such as Quito, Manta, Guayaquil, Jipijapa, and other destinations.

The buses are safe and comfortable. You can go from Manta to Quito for under U.S. $10.00 one way and from Manta to Guayaquil for U.S. $5.00 one way. Reina Del Camino has a modern fleet of buses. The bus we traveled on was made by Mercedes-Benz.

If you are in Manta you can get a taxi for a couple of dollars and ask the driver to take you to the Reina Del Camino terminal where the times and destinations are displayed on the windows as seen in the picture. The service is very frequent and you will not have any problem finding a time that suits your schedule.

If you happen to be in another city in Ecuador please ask where you can find Reina Del Camino terminal as this is a very popular bus line for long distance travel in Ecuador.

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