Puerto Cayo

Beautiful Puerto Cayo

Only 10 minutes south of Mirador San Jose down the scenic Ruta del Sol highway you will find the beautiful town of Puerto Cayo

Puerto Cayo is a dusty and developing fishing community with around 5,000 population.  Around the town there is great opportunity for exploring the beaches and local flora and fauna.  Surfing is known to be very good in the area and is still largely unknown to most tourists.  If you are looking for a great whale watching experience, then Puerto Cayo is a must stop for you.  Puerto Cayo is known to have some of the best whale watching opportunities on the coast.  The migration of the humpback whale takes place from June to September. 

Puerto Cayo is also the gateway to Parque Nacional Machalilla.  This large protected park created in 1979 also incorporates Isla de la Plata. 

My thoughts on Puerto Cayo

Puerto Cayo has much potential for future development.  The town itself is largely in desperate need of basic goods and commodities.  Tourism could play a larger role in this town in the coming years.  There is plenty of real estate opportunities and good potential for businesses of all types.  Puerto Cayo has a large swath of restaurants on the main beach in town.  Some diversity and investment could make Puerto Cayo more attractive to future development. 

As always I would love to hear any of your comments.

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14 Thoughts to “Puerto Cayo”

  1. Carol

    Hi Dave… I just came upon your blog… I am exploring the possibility of moving to Ecuador… and in particular want to look into beach areas.

    But I have one question first… in almost all the photos I see of Manta and surrounding area… including the one on your blog masthead, the skies seem to always be cloudy. I read on another travel blog where someone said there was a constant "fog" in Manta… something to do with the ocean climate along Ecuador.

    Is it always cloudy there? I need sunshine!

    thanks much…

  2. Hi Carol..Nice to have you reading my blog. In the dry season (the winter months) between June and November it is often overcast with spotty drizzle at times. However Manta itself has a little more sun then Puerto Cayo would. The Ecuador coast has many micro climates with cloud forests. The cold humbolt current originating in the antarctic is responsible for this oceanic phenomenon cooling the ocean waters along Ecuador's coastline contributing to the coastal climate. On the bright side, the opposite time of year from July to May brings many beautiful sunny days all along the coast of Ecuador.

  3. Ahh… the sun… nice sun…
    Seattle, WA = no sun. We just went through the worst summer yet and we've had plenty of rainy/cold summers. The last 4 days (not including today) however were great, so we did end the summer on a high note.

  4. Hi Dave
    Just wondering if there are taller condo style apartments for rent in puerto cayo? Thanks cynthia

  5. Hi Cynthia,

    No, sorry. Puerto Cayo does not have any apartments or condos of that type. The tallest one I know of is 3 floors, and not near the beach. Your closest multi-floor condo of that style would be in Manta.

  6. Hi Dave,

    We were thinking of retiring in Puerto Cayo and have found a beachfront house for sale there. Would it be a good place for an American family to retire and what is the weather and crime rate like there? Thanks,


  7. Hi,
    I jist found this area on google. Me and a friend are wanting to relocate from Tennessee to ecUador. This place seems quiet because it's not built up yet. Here is what we are looking for something no more then 600 a month to rent with ac. Very close to ocean if not on the ocean but also in walking distance to restaurants bars and shops. Would you please give me a idea where to start looking? Oh also LOW CRIME RATE

  8. Hi Kendra,

    Thanks for the comment. If you are talking about Puerto Cayo in specific then you have a few options. To look most effectively you really need to be here in person, as many places are not advertised on the internet. Please tell me more specifically what area you want to be in so I can better answer your question.

  9. Hi Dave,
    the wife and I are thinking about retiring in Ecuador. I have recently heard about Puerto Cayo and it sounds interesting. What I would like to know is, are there many places to shop for everyday goods. Also can you tell me about long term rentals that are available.

  10. In Puerto Cayo you can only get the very basics. There is a few small shops, that sell most things to get you by. Your major shopping will be in Manta. There is some long term rental available in Puerto Cayo, but supply is thin. There is some availability 10 minutes away from Puerto Cayo up the highway at Mirador San Jose. You can check out the website at http://www.miradorsanjose.com I can keep my eyes open for you or try and find you something if you like. You can email me at dandy855@yahoo.com

  11. Hi Dave,

    Is there any reason you are not responding to the questions above on CRIME RATE? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Thanks In Advance,


  12. Hi Jerry,
    I would be happy to, but what is the question? I don't see it.

  13. HI Dave
    My husband and I are looking for a place for very early retirement. I noticed on some blogs that there are Canadians working down there what is the employment situation? I understand about the pace of life and I would need something to occupy my time until I could adjust. I am a designer and my husband is H vac journeyman.

  14. Susan,

    There are many Canadians, Americans and other expats from all over the world in the Manta area, and Ecuador in general. The employment situation I would say is a little difficult and the pay is low. However that being said is irrelevant, because you can start up your own business in Ecuador. There is incentives from the government and there is a need for tons of things here. If you want to work as an English teacher there is good opportunity for that. I would just start your own business period!

    See my blog article I just wrote about the question you asked here:


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