Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

A Spontaneous Look At Puerto Cayo

Recently on November 29, 2015 while driving to Puerto Cayo to get gas at the local gas station, I looked over on the seat in the vehicle and realized I had my phone with me. 
Immediately a thought came to my head ” What a great opportunity to take some spontaneous footage of Puerto Cayo!”
So on came my video on my iPhone, and promptly placed it near my steering wheel while navigating to the gas station. The video begins on the outskirts of Puerto Cayo at the traffic circle where the E15 meets the secondary road leading to JipiJapa. Turning off the traffic circle I head into Purto Cayo and continue to the main street “main drag” of the community, where I end the video at the only gas station in the community. 
I have decided that this will be the first video which will be a playlist series of videos on Puerto Cayo. I know you all are dying to see the video of the “famed House Hunters” community.

See what this portion of Puerto Cayo looks like. Enjoy the video folks.

Published December 1, 2015

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