Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

For those that do not know, Puerto Cayo, Ecuador is a quiet little fishing village around 50 minutes south of the city of Manta on the coast of Ecuador. What is the big deal about Puerto Cayo you might wonder?
Well, the big deal lately is House Hunters International has done episodes there exposing the previously undiscovered village of between 4,000 and 5,000 people. 

What did they talk about? What did they show you?

It’s a good thing you landed on this blog. If you are interested in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, and if the show has intrigued you, then you’ll be happy to hear some advice. Why me? Why do I want to give advice? Well quite simply, I feel it is my duty to provide honest and accurate information to my fellow Canadians and American friends about things pertaining to Ecuador, specifically retirement or investment related information. I can’t bare the thought of one of my fellow North Americans getting ripped off or getting the wrong information due to “hype” and “sugar coating.”
How do I know? Well, Puerto Cayo happens to be a 10 minute drive from where “yours truly” is currently residing. I am going to do my best to give you an unbiased and accurate opinion of what I think about Puerto Cayo. I am going to call it “Insider information about Puerto Cayo!”
I’m going to start off by saying one sentence that I don’t want you to forget.

Come and visit Puerto Cayo first!

 If you are thinking about investing in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, it is essential that you come and visit the area and do some “snooping” on your own. Everyone does not want to live in Kansas, so why would you do the same here. Knowledge is power, make sure you obtain it. Get advice from the local expat community in Puerto Cayo. There are a good amount of “gringos” in the area, that are more than happy to chat with you and tell you their thoughts and experiences of Ecuador and Puerto Cayo.

My thoughts on Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

1.       It is becoming known internationally, thanks to the recent exposure.
2.       Good value can still be found in real estate here.
3.       The price for construction, lots and real estate is starting to increase.
4.       I would purchase now to lock in future appreciation. (Real Estate is appreciating all over  Ecuador, specifically the coast.)
5.       If a gated community is your thing, take a look at Mirador San Jose. It is 10 minutes from Puerto Cayo, on the coast, and the real estate here is about to boom! Lock in your dream lot here today, 10 years from now forget it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
6.       I think the town itself has more potential for beautifying, landscaping etc.
7.       Puerto Cayo needs a new mayor. The current one sucks and has no vision. Which is why many people still overlook Puerto Cayo and go to so called “greener pastures?” Puerto Cayo’s dusty unpaved streets and the lack of the local community having pride in their property is a turn off for many. Is it that hard to clean up the yard, cut your weeds, or perhaps plant a few trees? Come on people really? If you can look past this and realize that it is the way the locals are and live, don’t let that discourage your investment decision. Look at the big picture here folks.
8.       Decent internet and basic services in town.
9.       If you like a “laxy daisy” lifestyle, Puerto Cayo is for you!
10.   Good surfing and incredible scenery in the area.
11.   Really research the price of construction and real estate in the area! Let me say that again, really, really research this. Do not take someone telling you this is what the price is for something, especially a local builder, developer and contractor. Do your homework. Like I said previously, visit here first and talk to the local gringos. With this information at hand, then go to the development or builder with this valuable information. You are now knowledgeable and can’t have the “wool pulled over your eyes!” Don’t always believe what you are told, and do your shopping and price comparisons. You would do that in your own city you are from, it is even more essential that you do the same in Ecuador.
12.   Property is relatively easy to purchase in Ecuador.
13.   The climate is tropical and with little rain.
14.   The people are very friendly, and safe.
15.   The local food is excellent, and the seafood is to die for.
16.   Ecuadorians love seeing “gringos” in their community, as they know that tourism and development is good for them as well.
17.   The cost of living is cheaper than in the nearby larger communities and the cities.
18.   Opportunities for sideline business if you are not ready to retire and want something to do in Puerto Cayo.
19.   Puerto Cayo needs a lot of everything. Hmmm..Did someone say opportunity?
20.   I left the most important point for last. If you are thinking about retiring to Ecuador, or building a vacation property or investment here, it is in your BESTinterest to get someone who is knowledgeable about the area, and who knows a local Ecuadorian in the area to ask and obtain the price for the real estate that you want to inquire about. This way you get the price that an Ecuadorian would pay. Quite frankly, you will never pay the same price if you are a “gringo” that an Ecuadorian would pay, even if you speak the language fluently and have lived here for 10 years. That is the way it works here, so you need to deal with that and work around it.
There you have it folks, my honest opinion of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. I’ll leave you with this final thought; Come and visit Puerto Cayo to see if it is for you. Book a day with someone such as myself to show you around Puerto Cayo and area. I will show you what you don’t see on HGTV or House Hunters, you’ll get the real Puerto Cayothat the locals love, and the “gringos” laugh about, and how you can still find lots in the area for less than $10,000 USD. or rent a home like this one in the picture for under $400 a month.

Rent a home like this in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador
 I’ll show you how you can live and buy like the locals, living cheaper and smarter. Puerto Cayo really does have a ton of opportunity, and may be a great place to retire to, but you don’t have to live in a 5,000 square foot American designed and built home to fulfill your dreams either. Come and explore how you can live like a king on your retirement pension, and see why Ecuador has been voted #1 country in the world again to retire to. If you want further advice or want to book my services, feel free to contact me at: dandy855@yahoo.com 
In fact, I urge you to Subscribe to my FREE NEWSLETTER. Not only will you get my EBook on How to Live in Ecuador, I will also tell my subscribers only, how much it is costing me to build my rental home on the coast of Ecuador absolutely free. Follow the series on that and stay tuned for the actual prices. You may be in for a real shock!

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