New Quito Airport

New Quito Airport

It looks like this will be the year that the New Quito Airport will finally open according to Aviation The current airport in Quito is aging and no longer serves it purpose efficiently.  The current airport is not able to expand as the population of Quito is growing quickly as residential development, traffic, and buildings has pushed tightly around the airport. The new Quito airport is being built in an area that is much flatter with low lying valleys surrounding the area.  Strict urban development will be implemented for the area to prevent the new Quito airport from being surrounded by growth leaving room for the new Quito airport to expand in the future as demand warrants. 

The new Quito airport.

The new Quito airport

will have a 4,100 meter long runway compared with the old one at 3,120. Because of the longer runway, planes will now be able to take off at 90% of their weight compared to only 60% of their weight at the old airport.

The new Quito airport will be known as the Tababela instead of the  Mariscal Sucre because of its new location on the Tababela plateau.  The new Quito airport will boast some of the following:

  • Greater import/export handling
  • First ever duty-free zone
  • 1,500 hectares, 10 times larger than Mariscal Sucre
  • Passenger terminal will be 38,000 sq/meters, with 4 levels, six passenger bridges
  • Public parking for 700 spaces
  • Cargo facilities
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Fire station
  • General aviation
  • Police station
  • Heliport
  • Potable water treatment

The new Quito airport 

will be approximately 30 minutes outside of the city limits.  You can be sure that when the new Quito airport opens this year sometime passengers will marvel at Ecuador’s beautiful and modern new airport.  I would suspect that their will be some new flights become available by the airlines serving the new Quito airport.  We will wait and see what will be announced at the grand opening celebrations.

If anybody happens to know when the exact opening date is scheduled please post your comments, I would love to have up to date information on the new Quito airport.

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