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We are building our retirement home on this beautiful development.  Mirador San Jose will be a beautiful place to retire early and have a wonderful life.  Life in Ecuador is so relaxed and the weather is so welcoming. The people in the area are friendly, hospitable, and full of smiles.  We can’t wait to leave the cold, and the ever increasing cost of living in Canada.

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  1. I have heard that Mirador San Jose is experiencing some problems with their investors and this is having a negative impact on the infrastructure and may effect the project as a whole . Can you give me more information ?

  2. There has been a restructuring of management. There will be a big celebration taking place for mid-term construction of Mirador San Jose on March 3rd and 4th 2012 at Mirador San Jose. New announcements and construction for 2012-2013 will be announced. For 2012 I am told that underground power will be brought into the development as well as further construction of housing and infrastructures. My wife will be going to Ecuador for the month of February and I will have new updates on Mirador San Jose soon.

  3. Hey Paul..I will be updating news on Mirador in the next couple of months. I am in the process of moving there at the end of the month. There is lots of things that have progressed but want to see first hand before I put it on my blog.

  4. Hi Dave, I'm very interested in Mirador and wondering how things are working out currently. Also wondering if you had any info about how many lots are left and what would be a fair price considering the problems within the development so far. thx

  5. Hi Dave, I'm very interested in Mirador and its progress. Please let me know how things are going and an honest assessment of how long a person can wait on purchasing in Mirador and still get a good price on their investment. Thx

  6. Hi Fallon. Thanks for your email. I have emailed you personally and you should have received the email I sent you regarding Mirador San Jose.
    Just a quick update folks…Mirador San Jose is going to have a great 2013 with lots of new home construction in the works, preliminary reports are saying around 50 homes to be constructed as well as some commercial ventures. As soon as I have more information and can validate this, I will be writing a post about it. In the meantime I see they have re-done there website.

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