Mirador San Jose

Mirador San Jose is where our home is currently being built. Mirador San José involves the progressive urbanization of 50 hectares carried out over five years by a group of Canadian investors. The development is bordered to the west by Playa San José and by highway Ruta del Sol (E-15) to the east. Natural areas border the site to the north and south. Take a moment to view these videos of the area around Playa San Jose and of the Mirador development property taken in March 2010. There has been many updates at the Mirador San Jose development site. I will have more pictures and updates as I get them. Contact me for information on this incredible opportunity. There is huge plans for Mirador San Jose so please subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss anything.

Video on Mirador San Jose

Mirador San Jose

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  1. How many homes have been completed at Mirador San Jose. I looked on the site and I don't see any completed houses yet. Is this still a viable development. So often you see a big push to develop the west coast and the developer never completes the infrastructure necessary.

  2. There are nearly 25 homes constructed at Mirador San Jose, with 3 of them being under construction. Yes, I personally think that Mirador San Jose is a very viable operation. There are 50 homes and a large condo project in the works for this year. There is a lot of work going on here right now with infrastructure mainly filling and drainage. Will update about it soon on my blog.
    The official website for Mirador San Jose is:

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