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SuperMaxiWhen we were in Manta in December 2010,  I compiled a large list of what grocery items cost at that time.  If you did not see that post, here is the link to it. For those who are not familiar with the name, it is a large supermarket chain in Ecuador.
Supermaxi is modern and relatively expensive.  It is not for the bargain shopper as the prices are comparable to items found in the States.

As a special treat for my readers, I have now included my exclusive list for you to download.

I believe that this is one of the most extensive lists made available that I have seen.  I will be updating this list again to have a comparison on what the current prices will be at Supermaxi now.  When we were there in July 2011, I would say at a quick glance of products in the store that there has been an average of 10% increase in goods.

Ecuador is not immune to the rise in global food prices of 2011.  If you have current prices you would like to share please add your comment I would love to hear from you.

Download the Supermaxi price list.

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2 Thoughts to “Manta Supermaxi”

  1. JF

    Hi Dave,

    I am currently working for a Brazilian start up and we need some info on the Ecuador Apparel (clothes and shoes) Retail Market.

    As this info is scarce on the internet, I thought you could give us some quick (but very helpful) hints by answering a few questions. Shouldn´t take more than 2min. It´s related to the content of your post, so might be useful for other readers too!

    Thanks in advance for your help. (if you prefer, you can answer directly to my email:

    1) What are the main Clothing retailers (stores selling different brands) in Ecuador?

    2)What are the main Shoes retailers (stores selling different brands) in Ecuador?

    3)What is the average price of a pair of leather shoes for men?

    4)What is the average price of a t-shirt for men?

    5)What are the main international clothing brands?

    6)What are the main international shoes brands?

    7)What are the main national clothing brands?

    8)What are the main national shoes brands?

    It might happen that big Apparel Retailers are not present in Ecuador yet. It that case just let us know.

    Once again thanks a lot,
    Jose Figueiredo

  2. Jose I would be happy to answer your questions in more detail. Please send me your email where I can contact you.

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