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Today I have noticed a bit of an oddity.  Why is it that when you search for Manta Ecuador Weather in your favorite search engine do you find such a variance in forecasting the weather for Manta, Ecuador today?

I check Manta, Ecuador weather nearly everyday and have not noticed this before. Is the forecasting for this particular area today gone astray, or did someone “goof” on the data put into the computer?  I have seen everything from the forecast being cloudy, sunny to raining.  Even the temperature varied from 26c to 31c for the same reporting period. 

Manta, Ecuador weather is usually similar from day to day with the only difference being the rainy or dry season.  As a weather fanatic I can say from my opinion that the best Manta, Ecuador weather that you can find anywhere is they have the best and most accurate weather reports for Manta, Ecuador.


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  1. I know I'm a bit late on commenting, but I agree that every site you check online has a different weather report for Manta. It also applies to other cities in Ecuador. Recently, I've started checking other cities in Ecuador to find more sun. Right now, I'm in Cuenca and, beautiful as it is, it's way too cloudy. I'm considering Manta for the weather and amenities. Any advice?

  2. Manta always seems to be a good bet for more sun. Remember though that Ecuador has many micro climates and the clouds and precipitation can vary as little as 15 to 20 minutes drive down the road.
    Manta is in a dry belt so often has influence on the weather patterns. I would suggest you give Manta a try and see for yourself. Remember that we are coming into the cloudy time of year on Ecuador's coast.

  3. is it better to get your ticket online from UIO to MEC rather than at the counter? What is the difference?

  4. Hi Las Vegas Retired! Thanks for the comment. I have experienced both personally. The price is the same at the counter or online from what I have seen. The benefit of purchasing online in advance is that you can have a better chance to guarantee yourself a seat.
    However, most of the time there is plenty of seats even at the counter. This changes though, when there is a national holiday or some event going on in Manta. My advice is, if you can purchase your ticket online.

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