Jobs in Ecuador

My opinion with jobs in Ecuador!

How fast time goes by when you are busy enjoying paradise. I am actually being a little sarcastic when I say this as that has not been the case here. Ecuador is the land of beautiful coast, laid back people and stunning scenery. One should expect to live here in a frozen “vacation mode” while here and that is certainly the case if you are ready to retire. The life of retirement here that you can experience is another article in itself.
Jobs in Ecuador
However if you are looking for jobs in Ecuador, you might want to come scouting first. The reason I say this is because there is a lot of competition and the jobs in Ecuador are not plentiful. Why? Well, Ecuador is a third world country and is still developing. I might say that Ecuador is likely better off than some of its neighbours but it still is South America, and employment can be an issue.
Here is what I have observed from living here nearly 7 months now:
  1. Ecuador encourages men to join the police and be taxi drivers.
  2. Men still dominate the work force.
  3. Small shops and vendors can not comprehend diversity.
  4. Many of the cities require English teachers.
  5. The pay is low in Ecuador. A labourer make $10 to $15 per day.
  6. A police officer can make between $1,500 to $2,000 per month in Ecuador.
  7. Somebody will try and sell you something everywhere you go. (Ecuadorian vendors are not aggressive when trying to peddle their goods. Simply a “no gracias” is enough, and they carry on to the next person.
  8. People either seem to work hard or not at all. (Sound familiar?)
  9. Most folks try to make a decent living for their families.
  10. Jobs in Ecuador are not plentiful, but here is a land of opportunity.
So, #10 I said “a land of opportunity.” Why did I say that if there are few jobs? The reason why I say that is because Ecuador is still a developing country. Ecuador is in need of diversity. The locals can’t seem to grasp this concept very well, especially outside of the larger cities. It is common to see entire villages selling the exact same thing. Yes, it is true, hard to imagine, but situations like this spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y. It is quite obvious when you come here with the eyes of an entrepreneur. There are many things that can be imported and sold that simply either does not exist, or is in short supply of. Selection is another thing that is grossly noticeable outside of larger areas.

In summary, my opinion of jobs in Ecuador? 

If you are not coming to Ecuador with a job, you can get a job teaching English in the larger cities, as there seems to be a good demand for this as a “gringo” in Ecuador.
Better yet, make your own job if you want it. To make any money in Ecuador you need to start your own business. Don’t teach English, start your own school, don’t by the Ecuadorian tourist trinkets, export them, don’t rent your vacation condo from someone, buy it and rent it out yourself, etc. So if you plan on retiring in Ecuador and relaxing, you might find yourself busier than you were at home. If you are like me, the wheel does not stop spinning, as I see the opportunity everywhere I go.

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