Investor Visa 9 II


Waiting for approval of Investor Visa- Processed on October 22, 2012

The Investor Visa

In the last post, we were on our way to Manta on Tuesday the 16th to go and take our documents and investor visa application form to the visa processing office in Manta. We were told by the person looking at our documents and visa application that it was not complete. We needed the following documents:

  1. The visa application needed to be filled out in Spanish. (So we needed to redo it!) Get it here.
  2. We needed a document from the Ecuador Police called the Movimiento Migratorio. (This is obtained at the police station of the city in Ecuador you are in. It is the summary of visa stamps that are on your passport when you enter and leave Ecuador.
  3. 2 document folders. We were told manilla envolopes first. Go figure!
  4. Notorized copies of your tax receipts that you pay at the Municipal office.( Notorized copies cost me $19.00 and took about 1 hour, at the local notory office.)
  5. A letter in Spanish stating why you are applying for the visa.

So with this information in hand we scurried around the rest of the week getting what we needed to go back to the visa office in Manta and wait once again to have our application reviewed and processed.
Monday, October 22
Arriving at 8:30 a.m. sharp meeting our translator at the visa office, we waited to have someone available to process and review our visa application once again. We only had to wait less than a half hour before we were assigned to one of the agents there. We were pleasantly surprised when the person processing and reviewing our application spoke excellent english.
Our translator Miguel, would have an easy morning. The process went quickly and it took around 2 hours. So our application was processed by the agent, and now we were told that we would have to wait 4 to 6 weeks for processing and approval. The agent also said that they may call us at anytime for additional information or further questions during the time of processing the application.
Total cost for the Investor visa application is $350.00 USD per person. They make you pay $30.00 for each application. That amount is deducted from the toal cost. The balance of $320.00 USD per person is paid when the application is processed and approved.
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