Ecuadorian Bananas

**Update on resident status**


Waiting for appraisal of our home from the Municipal. This is needed as we will be applying for the Investor Visa. In Ecuador to qualify for this type of resident visa, you may have a property with a value of $25,000 USD, or a cash equivalent deposit in an Ecuadorian bank. An official from the Municipal located in Monticristi must come and assess our property.

Ecuadorian Bananas

How much do you figure a whole rack of Ecuadorian bananas cost in Ecuador? $10, 15 or maybe a few dollars? Driving one day 2 weeks ago in the rental car passing through a small fishing village on the way to Manta I encountered a small truck loaded to the nine overflowing with racks of bananas. The truck was parked on the side of the road as he was selling his bananas to the local vendor.
When I rolled down my window and questioned him how much for the rack of bananas, he responded that it was $1.50! Rambling through my head what he said in Spanish, I had to repeat back to him the price to make sure I was not hearing things. Yep…that’s right folks $1.50 for the entire rack…
Needless to say my wife and I ate about 6 or 7 bananas a day for about a week, and my wife had baked several loaves of banana bread from the goodness of the Ecuadorian bananas of the local jungle.
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