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One of the most frustrating issues I have come across is the lack of adequate weather coverage in Ecuador.  Anyone who follows Ecuador weather online soon finds out that there is huge expanses of areas that are not covered in Ecuador.

 Detailed forecasts are only available for the larger cities of Ecuador such as Manta, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Quito and a handful of others.

Ecuador has many microclimates throughout the country.  The weather can be different when you drive 20 minutes down the road from one place to the next.  For example on the Sunshine highway between Puerto Cayo and Manta you can drive through 3 different microclimates. 

Manta can be Sunny and 29 celcius, while Pacoche is drizzling with 24 celcius and meanwhile further south in Puerto Cayo it is 25 celcius and cloudy.  You would not know this by looking at online weather websites as there is very little coverage on the areas between larger centres.  Not only that but the satellite images are not very current and the weather has already changed several times before you even have the next image available for you.

If you are a weather buff, or live in Ecuador and happen to have a weather station of your own set up please email me as I would love to hear from you.

Would you be interested in becoming a part of a weather observation network reporting temperature, sky conditions and precipitation data?  If so please email me at

For Ecuador Weather conditions please visit the following websites.

Weather Underground

Weather Forecast

The Weather Channel

Weather Bug


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