Ecuador Update!

We are officially in countdown mode…Departure August 30. With our extended visas in hand we will begin calling Ecuador our home on August 31. Scary?? Yes…Exciting??Yes…Crazy??ummmm…..

I will be changing the photo gallery a little so I can make way for regular and frequent picture updates. I am tossing the idea of having other people building at Mirador San Jose to use my blog as a means of communication and updates for their very own homes they may be building.

If you are building a home in Mirador San Jose or the Manta area and would like picture updates of your home or surroundings or just things in general in the Manta area, please email me with your ideas and suggestions at 

A scene from Manta

I am excited to be able to write from Ecuador soon and provide everyone with new pictures, exciting adventures, prices of goods, local stories and much more…stay tuned!


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