Ecuador Tourist Visa

Part II

Finally after waiting for nearly 4 weeks, I can report that we have completed the first step to obtaining our 180 day tourist Visa for Ecuador.  In Part 1of  Ecuador Tourist Visa, I reported what was needed to do to start the process for the Visa extension. For us as Canadians we needed to complete the Visa application along with the steps outlined in Part 1 of this series. If you are just a tourist and want to be in Ecuador then you have 90 days to stay in the country. If you wish to stay longer you must complete the steps outlined if you are Canadian for the Ecuadorian Government to grant you the 180 day Tourist Visa.
Guideline for 180 day Tourist Visa
Where it get’s to be a little complicated is what you need to do to apply for the Investor Visa. We were essentially applying for both Visa’s at the same time because we also will be wishing resident status in Ecuador via the Investor Visa. For the Investor Visa all documents must be translated by a certified translator and notorized by a Notory Public. Essentially a lawyer or someone who is legally authorized to sign and verify legal documents. Once the documents are prepared we had to go to our Provincial Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Publics so they can stamp and verify that the documents were notorized  properly and legally. Just more paper shuffling and red tape. Did I mention more money? An extra $12 per document to be exact. This is on top of the translation fees of $200 lawyer fees and application fees, oh boy starting to add up! Starting to approach the $1000 mark!

Investor Visa Application Process

1. – Notarized color copy of all pages of the passport in order to prove that you are legal in Ecuador (minimum 30 days at the day that you present the application).
2.- Migratory Record  (Movimiento Migratorio).
3.- Notarized color copy of the main page of the passport (the passport must to be valid at least 6 months).
4.- Original and notarized copy of the title, bank certificate, share certificate, with a minimum term of 365 days. (A minimum investment of US$25,000 increased by US$ 100 for each dependent).
5.- In the case of a refugee, you need to present a notarized copy of the refugee ID card (issued by the Foreign Affairs Ministry) to prove that you are legal in Ecuador.
6.- Two pictures passport size with white background.
7.- Police check from the city where you have been living in the last 5 years legalized by the Consulate of Ecuador in the city of you residence.
8.- Application form you can download at
9.- Every document in a foreign language must be translated in to Spanish and required the following:
-The translation must to be done by an official translator and his/her signature recognized by a Notary Public.
– The translator should not be the person applying for the visa.
– The translator must to prove her/his knowledge of foreign language with the exception of the      English translators.
Once the translation has been done this should be notarized, after authenticated in the Official Documents Services at 700 University Ave. (only for documents issue in Ontario) and then legalized by the Ecuadorian Consulate. Consular fee for each legalization US$ 10,00 Please be advised that this kind of visa you must to apply in Ecuador and if you have any additional questions in regards this matter you need to do it in Ecuador since you applying the visa there.
Seems like a daunting task however, if you follow the steps outlined and have some patience you can get through this. We now have our documents prepared and in hand from our lawyer as of today so we can now go to the consulate in Toronto with all the documents in hand so they can grant us the 180 day Visa. The visa is supposed to be processed the same day by the Consulate of Ecuador if granted. The consulate in Toronto is located at:
Consulate General of Ecuador
151 Bloor Street West, Suite 450
Toronto, ON M5S 1S4

I will keep you all posted on how all goes in Toronto in my next post.

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  2. Thank you Marken. My goal is to provide the best information possible in order to help others.

  3. I've been waiting for this post! Glad you've got all your paperwork in hand now. Hope the next piece in Toronto goes smoothly and swiftly!

  4. Thanks Christy..I am in Toronto at the moment and will post as soon as I have information.

  5. Seems like a daunting task however, Tourist Visa if you follow the steps outlined and have some patience you can get through this.

  6. Thanks for this informative series of posts. We are also currently living in Canada, but hope to also move to Ecuador in the future, so needless to say you're helping us out with this info. I would love to know what lawyer you used for the translation, etc. Would you mind messaging me the details?

  7. You are very welcome…happy to help out.

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