Drive to Ecuador?

Drive to Ecuador?
One afternoon while taking a moment of reflection I pondered if it was possible to drive to Ecuador from North America.  I promised myself I would find out the answer and trolled the internet for some answers.

There is no road that connects Panama to Columbia.  There was at one time a ferry service that operated in the late 90’s that allowed you to cross what is known as the Darien Gap around 100 miles long. 

The Darien Gap is a dangerous, jungle infested area full of rebels and drug trafficking. There is some word that a highway is being built to connect Panama to Venezuela to be completed by 2012.

Therefore, because of this gap of ‘roadless’ area between the two countries you must ship your vehicle by container.  Get a first hand report from someone who has actually done this trip here.

Once you cross this hurdle you can continue on driving to Ecuador.  If you are seriously considering driving from North America to Ecuador, there is good information on shipping your vehicle from Panama to Columbia here. Driving on the Pan American Highway could potentially be one of the most rewarding and challenging drives you have ever taken in your life.  Maybe one day the completed section of highway will be possible and you will be able to take that RV and drive to Ecuador one day. 

Have you done this trip?  I would love to hear about it.  Please post your comment or email me at

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