Credit Cards In Ecuador

A word of caution..Will you be using your credit cards in Ecuador? If you plan to do so be sure to call your credit card company to notify them that you are travelling outside of your country and you will be using the credit card to make transactions in Ecuador. This rule applies to whatever country you might be travelling to. If you don’t follow this often overlooked and forgotten procedure you will soon find out as I did a few days ago when my American Express credit card was declined! It was declined because I failed to notify the credit card company that I would be using it outside of Canada, and therefore the fraud protection kicked in when I tried to make a transaction.

Credit cards often have a fraud protection feature to protect you as a customer from someone trying to make unauthorized purchases on your card in the even that it gets stolen or lost. It is difficult to rectify this situation once the fraud protection has been activated. You can save yourself alot of trouble by just remembering to call the credit card company before you leave out of country.

Credit cards are widely accepted in many hotels, chain stores and larger businesses in bigger cities in Ecuador. You will find that Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club are taken at most of the places mentioned. If you plan to make some larger purchases in Ecuador, remember that you will get a better price if you pay cash on big ticket items such as appliances and vehicles.

I would also suggest if you are going to use a credit card in Ecuador, it is wise to just maybe take one credit card that you want to use and put a limit on it. That way if it gets lost or stolen you can limit your loss to a certain degree.

If you follow this advice you will have a painless and convenient way to make purchases and have access to cash if you need to withdrawl some using your credit card.

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