Cost of Living in Manta, Ecuador

Cost of Living in Manta, Ecuador
I have an update on the cost of some various things in Manta, Ecuador as of April, 2011 courtesy of Marta. We met Marta in Manta the last time we were there. Marta is a wonderful kind lady that spoke English very well. In her email she stated that things were also getting more expensive in Ecuador as well.  So it is not just here in Canada that there is a noticeable change in what you pay for things.
However that being said, you are about to see the cost of living in Ecuador is still far more economical for the same goods and services.
The price of gasoline as of April in Manta averaged $2.00 per gallon.
Her electricity bill averages $25.00 per month.
High speed internet $40.00 per month.
Satellite t.v. $28.00 per month
Marta stated that “taxes varied depending on what zone you live in. You can pay anywhere from $20.00 to more than $100.00 a year.”  That’s correct folks $100.00 a year!
Marta’s grocery bill averaged about $200.00 a month for two people. This of course will vary for everyone as people have different tastes and habits. In July I will be exploring this in more detail when I am there. You don’t want to miss that article please subscribe for email updates so you get notified every time there is a post on Retiring in Ecuador.
Thank you Marta for your information!  Muchos gracias amigo!

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7 Thoughts to “Cost of Living in Manta, Ecuador”

  1. Can you offer any information regarding the cost of renting a 4 bedroom home?

  2. James..If you are wanting to rent a home in Manta, 4 bedroom homes are hard to find at the moment, as the vacancy rate is extremely low, and there is a housing shortage.
    I know 3 bedroom homes are renting currently between $1500-2000 a month. Have you considered an apartment?

  3. what about building a home? length of time, cost to build? since there is a shortage of homes available, it would seem that building might be a good option. any info you can offer?

  4. Building a home is an excellent option. You can find a good architect and contractor in Ecuador on your own. It is quite affordable and often cheaper then purchasing one that is already built.

    I have the process laid out, along with reliable contacts in my eBook How to Live in Ecuador.

  5. Can you offer any information regarding the cost of renting a 1 bedroom apartment in Manta?

  6. Janine..Need more info like on location in proximity to the beach etc. furnished or unfurnished, and what type of quality low, med high. High quality tends to be American or European. Also how many people?

  7. Janine,

    Some info for you..From my friend in Manta.
    Yes, usually in Manta people always ask the amount of people. For example my father has apartments médium quality furniture about 300 to 500 a months depending on the side ( one or two or three room) price includes water and electricity if not using the AC. They are about two blocks from the ocean in Manta.

    Enviado desde mi iPod

    You can count on upwards of even $1000 a month for a larger posh place. You can find something very good for $500 I would think. Hopefully this helps you.

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