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Sorry for the late update! Last post I talked about the completion of our Investor Visa. The next step was to go to Guayaquil and get the Cedula application started. Here is a step by step process of what was done.

  1. Received notification that our passport is to be returned to us with the Investor Visa page in our passport.
  2. Had to pay $2.00 per person (for my wife and I) for a new Empadronamiento
  3. We were told to wait for 5 business days before going to Guayaquil to apply for the cedula, allowing for time to have the Investor Visa to be processed completely into their computer registry system.
  4. Upon receiving the passport with your new visa, you have 30 days to apply for your cedula. If you procrastinate and don’t get to Guayaquil (if you live near Manta. If you are living near Quito you do it there) you will need to apply for another empadronamiento and pay the fee for it again.
  5. After the 5 business days are up, go to the office you had your Investor Visa processed and ask them if your Investor Visa information is processed in the system, so you can safely go to Guayaquil and apply for your cedula. This will save you time, as if they say 5 days, it could actually be more, and you would of gone to Guayaquil to apply for your cedula for nothing.
  6. The place to apply for your cedula in Guayaquil is at the General de Registro Civil Provincial del Guayas, officina Matriz, Octubre 9th avenue. It’s between Pedro Carbo and Pichincha.
  7. When at the building, go to the area where you speak to the agent for applying for the cedula. You can ask someone there and they will tell you where to go in the building.
  8. English is available here if you request an English speaking agent to help you with your cedula application.
  9. You will need to bring your original passport with your newly issued visa in the passport pages.
  10. Get a color copy of your visa information page and the visa page.
  11. Bring a color copy of the empadronamiento.
  12. Copy of your birth certificate that was translated into Spanish, notorized (apostiled if in the USA) and stamped by an Ecuadorian consulate. We did this in Canada before we left at the Ecuadorian consulate in Canada.
  13. Marriage certificate must be done the same as #12 above.
  14. We were told to bring a utility bill as proof of address in Ecuador. (We were not actually asked for this.)
  15. An affidavit is needed to be notorized that provides information on the birth place of your parents. It proves citizenship of where they were born. This is easily done at any lawyers office in Ecuador, which they notorize it at the same time.
  16. We were given an application form to fill out and submit with all the documents above to the agent so he/she can process the cedula.
  17. Once they are happy they received all the proper documents, they take them and proceed to take your photo, fingerprints and your signature, that are all digitized into their computer.
  18. They then tell you to come back in 2 business days so they can process the documents to begin processing your cedula.
  19. Go back to Guayaquil to the same building and see if your cedula is ready. Go to the same area of the building and same person who processed your application for the cedula. He/She takes your passport and checks the computer to see if your cedula is processed and ready. After verifying that it has been processed, they tell you to go to the pickup area through the doors near booth 26.
  20. Go to the desk there and give the agent your passport. You will be told to sit and wait until your name is called. When they call your name they will give your passport and newly issued cedula to you.

Wow..I got that all in 20 steps. If you follow the steps closely, it is not as hard as it looks. We were able to do it with not much problem. Just keep in mind that if you are living in the Manta area, then to apply for your Cedula will be in Guyaquil. They will advise you where to go when you do your Investor or Retiree Visa.

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