Camping in Ecuador

North American Style Camping!

Camping In Ecuador

For those of you who might wonder, is it possible to do any North American style camping in Ecuador?  I will be the bearer of bad news. 

Camping in Ecuador in this manner is not something that you will see I am sorry to say.  I have not seen any RV Parks or RV’s even for that matter.  It simply is not something that Ecuadorians do culturally.  The closest think that comes to camping in Ecuador is families getting together on the beach with a campfire and food.  This is a prevelant activity especially on Sundays all along coastal Ecuador.  Campgrounds and RV Parks are not something that I believe will come about anytime soon for that matter.  Why?  As I stated above, culture has a big role in this type of recreation as well as economic factors.  Ecuador is a developing country and this type of recreation would be out of reach for most working Ecuadorian families.  Not to mention that RV’s would need to be imported as there is no local manufacturer of this type of vehicle.  The cost would be out of the question.  Maybe someday you will see smaller RV’s in Ecuador, but for now you will need to get this type of recreation in North America before camping in Ecuador ever becomes a reality. 

If you live in Ecuador and know of any campgrounds of any type, I would love to hear about it.  As always it is great to hear from my readers.  Retiring In Ecuador aims to provide you with the most accurate information about Ecuador possible.

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