Buying A Car In Ecuador?

Buying A Car In Ecuador

I recently had the pleasure of having an email conversation with a fellow blogger living in Ecuador. Patty and Mike Grimm shared their recent experience they had buying a car in Ecuador. They have just purchased a 2011 Kia Sportage SUV from a friend of theirs in Cuenca. Patty states that buying privately may be different then purchasing from a dealership, so the procedure is possibly different. I have personally not investigated what is involved when you purchase from a dealership in Ecuador. I suspect that it might be a similar set of procedures and relative “pain in the @@$!” I will soon be experiencing this very soon myself, and will be writing about what is involved in buying a car in Ecuador on this blog. According to Patty, when you buy a vehicle privately in Ecuador, such as from a friend then the following procedures take place and you will need a contract (Contrato de Compra Venta de Vehiculo con Reconocimiento de Firmas). This contract form was provided by an attorney, and was in Spanish. Translation to English is at your discretion.

The Procedures to buying a car in Ecuador

  • Have all parties (sellers and buyers) date and sign the contract in front of the Notary. (All parties will need their original Cedulas.)
  • Have the contract notarized
  • Have a color copy of the Cedulas of all parties notarized
  • Have a color copy of the Matricula notarized
  • Make sure the SOAT is up to date (mandatory car insurance)
  • Just for our comfort, we had all parties sign the English version of the contract but it’s not a legal document as the Notary will not notarize it. (It’s just for our own use.)
buying a car in ecuador

This is all that was necessary to buying a car in Ecuador. The next process Pat explains will be to register the vehicle. Patty states that the registration process so far is “complicated and confusing.” I will be doing a Part II on this topic later explaining what the Grimms needed to do for the registration process. Check back often or follow by email so you don’t miss anything. I would like to credit Pat and Mike Grimms for sharing such valuable information to expats and anyone interested in moving to Ecuador. Pat and Mike have a great website.. Thank you Pat and Mike!

Follow their adventures at Grimms’ Travel Tales

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