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Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador! Weeks 23-26

Work Weeks- 23-26 September 2-27, 2013

If you missed week 21 and 22 here it is.
The next several work weeks were concentrated on getting the windows installed and entrance french doors. Another crew of workers continued to work on the driveway and walkways. There is a pattern of cut out left over ceramic tiles that will be placed into the driveway and perimeter of the walkways. The final touches are coming together.

Working on pouring the concrete for the walkway and driveway.

Pouring concrete for the walkways

The first phase of concrete has been poured and the doors and windows
have been installed this week.

The windows and doors have been installed. There will be another coat of paint for the interior yet.

Kitchen with bar style island 

Small storage space, bathroom and the bedroom on the right.

Living room

Living room

Bedroom with large closet behind and to the left.

The concrete has been finished and the next phase will be to put on a product called “grano lavado” It is a layer of pebble rock texture. During this process, the cut out ceramic tile pieces will be placed.

Concrete poured and finished. Ready for the grano lavado.

Cut out tiles being applied

Layer of textured pebbles being applied. (lavado grano)

Lavado grano application.

This series on Building a Rental Home on the Coast of Ecuador is nearly complete. The next post, we will wrap up the series with the final photos and comments of the completed rental home.

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