Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador! Week 8

In case you missed it, here is work week #7.

Week #8 May 20-24, 2013

In week #7 the workers were applying another thin layer of concrete on the roof to build up and put a slight slope on the roof so the water would drain to the center drains. They also started building architectural design for the roof line.

This week you will see the start of the walls coming up brick by brick. The mortar for the bricks is mixed on the ground and put into the wooden box you see in the picture. A string is used to keep the brick alignment. The brick laying is done by the “maestro” and a helper. Another worker mixes up the mortar to keep the maestro supplied.

Next week the workers will be continuing to place the bricks for the walls. The electrician and plumber will also be around. See how they will do some of their work, all in the next post on Retiring in Ecuador.

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