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Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador! Week 17-20

In case you missed it, here is work week #14-16

July 22 – August 2

Week 17-18

During this 2 week period of construction good progress was made on painting the interior and exterior of the rental home. The painters were able to finish first and second coats of paint. The carpenter was also around and started to install the cabinets for the bathroom, and kitchen. The interior doors and the the closets have also been started. I decided to use a water proof particle board, that was more economical and suitable of the coast. Real wood is a premium in Ecuador and is available, but be prepared to fork out some bigger dollars for it. The granite was also installed. It took the 3 men the entire day to install the granite. The granite slabs were cut and installed on site.

Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador! Week 19-20

 August 5-16

The 2 work weeks of this period were slooowww! Nothing much happening here. Worker shortage slowed progress on the rental home to a standstill. A little plumbing work was done in the washroom, and some preliminary work was started on the landscaping. Cement will be poured as a sidewalk and for a driveway.

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