Building a rental home on the coast of Ecuador! Week 11-13

In case you missed it, here is work week #10

WEEK #11 JUNE 10-14, 2013

The entire week of work will be mostly spent on troweling on the cement mixture for making the wall smooth. It is a time consuming process that will take a little while to do. The result will be a fairly smooth result. The final product will be as smooth as painted drywall. The mixture is approximately 5 cm thick (2 inches.)
 So this week the maestro “slaps on” the first stage for the wall preparation as seen in the pictures below. You can see the walls before the cement mixture and the walls troweled and smoothed after. 
The mixture is hand mixed on the cement floor by a laborer, and shoveled into the wooden trough.

Week #12
June 17-21, 2013

Not much to report during this week of construction. Workers continue to put on and trowel the interior walls. Work has also started on applying the mixture to the exterior walls as well. This process for the exterior will take 3 weeks. 
**Note** I feel that this process is taking a long time. It is a tedious job but I think having an extra 1 or 2 maestro’s doing this process would have made things go quicker. There was only 1 maestro doing the application most of the time. One of the reasons I believe we are behind schedule, (which you will find out later.)
The individual squares around the entire roof line was a slow process applying and troweling the mixture on, as seen below.

Week #13
June 24-28, 2013

Continuing to work on the exterior and interior for this week.

In the video below, the maestro is using a length of 2×2 to smooth roughly the mixture. Later he will trowel the stucco like mixture to make it smoother. Next post, maestro continues to stucco the walls, and the plumber is around again. All next post on Building a rental home in Ecuador series.

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