Assessment Of Property Completed



Last week I had mentioned that we were waiting on our assessment for our home. At the end of this week, with the help of my friend Miguel we managed to pull some strings at the Municipal office of Montecristi and accelerate the process.
Montecristi, Ecuador
So we now have the adjusted property tax document from the Municipal showing the land value and the construction value on it. Since we will be applying for the Investor Visa to get our resident status, we now have the minimum $25,000 USD as an asset required to qualify to apply for the Investor Visa.
Tuesday morning we are off to Manta to stand, sit and wait at the Ministerio de relaciones exteriors comercio y integracion located in the Edificio del Bank in Manta.
Office opens at 8:30 a.m. It is always recommended to go to any government body in Ecuador as soon as the doors open. It can often be a gruelling all day process. Expect to spend several hours at best waiting your turn. Although this is typical for Ecuador, our experience in the newly created office in Manta has been very positive. 
The process at the office has been fairly quick by Ecuadorian standards. So call it a stroke of luck, or what have you, I just hope that Mr. Luck stays around for a bit!
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