Appliances In Ecuador

During the last couple of weeks while staying in Ecuador we purchased a few appliances for our home. We found that appliances in Ecuador are relatively expensive. As you can see in the picture the price you would pay for a better quality stove. The Electrolux on the left is $801.00 and the Mabe is $762.00. Nearly all the stoves will be of the propane gas variety. Keep in mind that this is U.S. dollar as well. You can find a similar quality in the U.S. or Canada for the same price if not cheaper. We were quite surprised how expensive the appliances in Ecuador really are.

In my ebook How To Live In Ecuador coming this fall I will show you where we bought our appliances. In this ebook I will reveal the contact and the business from whom you can buy all your appliances from. They even deliver for free!
You can only get this information by submitting your email to secure your copy when this ebook becomes available.
You can buy nearly all of your appliances and bedroom suites here. The owner also speaks excellent English. Buying appliances in Ecuador does not have to be a headache, save time and money. I am happy to pass on this valuable information to my readers.

You will find out quickly that in Ecuador having a contact is critical, and going to the right places can save you alot of money and time. Establishing relationships with people who you can trust is necessary in a developing country. If you are serious about retiring or investing in Ecuador having this information is invaluable. I will continue to provide honest and accurate information on this blog and as always enjoy your feedback and input.

Hasta Luego!

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