When travelling to Ecuador I always enjoy flying with Aerogal when going to Manta. That is if my arrival destination is Quito. The reason I choose Aerogal as my carrier of choice from Quito to Manta is because the airline has a modern fleet, a spotless record, prompt and have the convenience of booking your flight online through the Aerogal website.

Aerogal even offers service to New York City and Bogota

Aerogal is based out of Quito, and they offer mainly domestic service to other cities in Ecuador. Some of the cities include: Manta, Cuenca, Lago Agrio, Guayaquil, Coca, and the Galapagos. You can expect the airfare to be around $100-150 U.S. from Quito to Manta. It is easy to see what you will pay with their familiar Booking system. Give it a try and see what it will cost you to your destination of choice. There is no longer any service being offered to Miami with Aerogal. There will be some changes coming I believe with Aerogal as competitor Avianca works to acquire Aerogal.

You can expect to see more destinations as the re-structuring takes place making Aerogal part of Avianca-TACA.

As far as I understand as of January 2012 the deal with Avianca-TACA is nearing completion. Expect to hear news on this in a few months. This acquisition is great news for Latin America as the purchase of Aerogal will provide us with more destinations, better competition, and the airline will be part of Star Alliance. You can see the latest news regarding the Aerogal-Avianca-TACA integration by reading this article.

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  1. Excellent write up. Looking forward to flying Aerogal for the first time next month.

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