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If you are planning to retire in Ecuador I have some good advice based on some things that I have experienced and learned from travelling to Ecuador.  Even if you are just going to vacation in Ecuador you will still find this information helpful.

If you are looking to go to Ecuador on a budget then the advice I am about to give you could save you hundreds of dollars.

Fly to Ecuador in the low season usually May, November and early December.  You can save hundreds of dollars on a return ticket.  Fly out of Miami to Ecuador as it is usually cheaper.  I like to use Kayak and Expedia.  You usually get better deals through them.

If you are going to be in a certain area of Ecuador for a while like a week or two, book only a night or two in a hotel and search around on your own or ask an English speaking local about the apartments in the area.  You can get a furnished rental by the week if you negotiate with them.  This is far cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars in a hotel.

If you want to eat on a budget have your big meal for lunch.  You can usually get a huge serving between $2 and $4 dollars.  Bring your WIFI capable mobile phone or laptop.  Use the WIFI at the hotels or certain WIFI areas to make your telephone calls to wherever using Skype.

Don’t rent a car as it can be very expensive.  Instead hire a local driver for the day and negotiate a price.  Find out first from a local what this would cost before you negotiate.

It pays to get to know a trusted local as they are your source of information to arm you with the knowledge you need for negotiation.

To be safe remember to stay in crowded areas, don’t carry any valuables on your person and keep your electronic gadgets out of view in public places.  Use your common sense.

I hope this information has been helpful for you.  You can enjoy your vacation or retirement in Ecuador with confidence you just need to be vigilant and cautious of your surroundings.  Ecuador has much to offer don’t be afraid to explore it.

Gracias Amigos!

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