A Root Canal for $400 in Ecuador?

Hmmm….Can a root canal really be done safely and professionally in Ecuador?

I have recently come in contact with a wonderful Canadian resident near Manta, Ecuador that has stated briefly that she had a quote done at a dentist clinic in Manta saying that the root canal she would need would cost around $400.00!
At this time of writing I am not sure totally how accurate this information is exactly, because I do not have verified information from her.  She is supposed to be going back to find out the exact costs with someone who can speak Spanish to help her translate the exact costs and what is involved and what is covered for the quote that she was given.
Can it be possible that what she understood as a root canal to really cost $400.00?  I am thinking that it may be more than what has been understood, and there is some underlying costs that were not totally explained.
However I would like to share this website, where you can search various procedures worldwide and see what they would cost through verified hospitals or clinics that the provider of the information has deemed to be accurate information.  The information is interesting to see what costs of procedures are worldwide. Also check out this great article from Living and Retiring in Ecuador. Also you can visit this Dental Clinic in Quito for some information and pictures.

I have sent an email to a couple of people in Manta, Ecuador to send them on a fact finding mission to provide my readers what some common things would cost for dental procedures in Ecuador, using what it would be for example in Manta.

If root canals can really be done for $400 I will find out.

As soon as I get this information, I will post it as a follow up to this article…I can’t wait to hear what the prices of root canals in Ecuador really are.

If you have had dental procedures in Ecuador, please comment on what your experience has been.

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